Police Department

Contact Information

125-B Eastview Street
Dayton, VA 22821

Department Phone: 540-879-2161

Town of Dayton Police Department 2020 Annual Report

Results from the Dayton Police Department Survey

Chief Justin Trout

Email: Justin Trout

Lieutenant T. J. Hooker 

Email: T. J. Hooker

Officer Reggie Dollar

Email: Reggie Dollar

Officer Jeff Smith

Email: Jeff Smith

Officer Brittany Dean

Email: Brittany Dean

Part-Time Officers

  • Kevin Argiro
  • Joseph Baroch
  • Jake Castellano
  • Brett Fix
  • Larry Papotnik
  • Colton Wetherell


The Dayton Police Department is committed to promoting a safe town through enforcement of laws, the prevention of crime, and education of laws, while providing excellence in public service through partnerships with our community.


In partnership with the community, The Dayton Police Department will:

Impartially enforce the law.

Protect the lives and property of our citizens, businesses, and visitors.

Reduce crime and the fear of crime by proactively pursuing violators of the law.

Maintain a high standard of integrity.

Provide police services to all with respect and courtesy.


Integrity: Being ethical and honest in the enforcement of laws.

Respect: For community members, department members, and visitors regardless of age, race, gender, beliefs, or lifestyles.

Professionalism: Striving to exceed the expectations of our community in our police services and job performance.

Commitment: To maintain a safe community through proactive community policing.

Partnership: Working closely with the community, businesses, and organizations is the foundation to our policing model.


If you have a need for police service and no one is available at the Dayton Police Station, contact non-emergency dispatch at 540-434-4436.  If you have an emergency and need immediate police assistance dial 911.

How do you know if your situation requires an emergency response, and when to call 911?  911 should be utilized for ANY situation where the safety and welfare of you or another is compromised.  911 should be called for situations that include, but are not limited to:

  • Any act of violence (Assaults, Weapons violations, etc.)
  • Medical emergency
  • A suspicious person or event, where the safety and welfare of others is at risk
  • A vehicle crash involving injury

Non-Emergency — Call 540-434-4436

For non-emergency calls for service, you can call 540-434-4436.  The dispatcher will notify the on-duty Dayton Police Officer, who will respond as soon as available.  You would also call the non-emergency number for situations that include, but are not limited to:

  • Barking dogs
  • Noise violations
  • You may just have a question and do not want to leave a voicemail message.

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