Police Department

Contact Information

125-A Eastview Street
Dayton, VA 22821

Emergency Calls

All too often we are afraid to call 911 because we aren’t real sure that the situation requires an emergency response. Don’t worry! The emergency dispatchers will place your call on a priority list. 911 calls should be made for ANY situation that involves the safety or welfare of another. Situations for 911 may include, but are not confined to:

  • Any act of violence
  • A suspicious event or suspicious person.
  • Any medical emergency.
  • Any road obstruction, such as broken water lines, power lines, or livestock in the road.
  • A witnessed reckless driving event (try to get the tag!), or car crash.

Non-Emergency Calls 540-434-4436

You can call 434-4436 to have a dispatcher contact the on duty Dayton Police Officer if you feel your question needs immediate attention. You may also use this number for dispatching our units to aggravations such as:

  • You’d like to ask a policeman a question, but don’t want to leave a message on their voicemail.
  • Barking dogs
  • Town Park bathrooms not being unlocked
  • Loud music complaints or any other non-emergency situation.

Department Office Calls 540-879-2161

While Dayton provides police coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, calling our office IS NOT the fastest way to reach a police officer when you need one right away. Remember, for emergencies call 911. If you simply have a question you can call 879-2161 and speak with our administrative assistant, or leave a message with the individual officer’s voicemail.


* The Police Security Check Form is in PDF format that can be filled out on the computer, printed, signed, then brought to the Municipal Building or dropped in the “payment box” near the drive-thru window (it cannot be saved, so print it out when completed), or stop by the Municipal Building for assistance in completing the form.

Law Enforcement Forms