Vehicle License Tax

The Town of Dayton imposes a vehicle license tax upon every person owning a motor vehicle, trailer and semi-trailer regularly garaged, stored, or parked in the Town of Dayton, and used on the streets and highway of this town as of January 1 of the license year. The license year shall commence on January 1 and shall expire on December 31. The Town Vehicle License Tax is due on December 5th of the license year. The fee may be paid at the Town Treasurer’s Office. Penalty for any payments received after December 5 is $10.

The Town of Dayton will utilize the DMV VRW Program to enforce non-payment of the vehicle license tax. This program allows the Town to notify the DMV of any residents that have not paid the vehicle license tax. Once notified, the program will not allow a resident to conduct business with the DMV until payment is received by the Town of Dayton for the vehicle license.

If it cannot be determined where the Vehicle is normally garaged, stored or parked, the situs shall be the domicile of its owner. In the event the owner of the Vehicle is a full-time student attending an institution of higher education, the situs for the purpose of imposing this license fee shall be the domicile of the student, provided the student has presented sufficient evidence that he has paid a personal property tax on the Vehicle in his domicile. (Va. Code, § 46.2-752.)


Passenger Vehicle$30.00Motorcycle$10.00
 Motor Home$30.00Pull Camper$10.00
Trailer$10.00Antique Vehicle$0.00


Payments can be made by either cash or check.
Address: Town Of Dayton
125B Eastview Street
Dayton, VA 22821