RFP / Bid Opportunities for The Town of Dayton


Town of Dayton, Virginia

BANK LOAN – Water Treatment Plant Improvement Project

Approximate loan: $1,976,000  Term: 20 Year

Includes final design, engineering, and construction related to water plant upgrade. The Town will be purchasing the $1,600,000 equipment separately. Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) is complete and approved by Virginia Department of Health. It is available by request.

Annual water revenues are approximately $1,442,636  and expenses are approximately $357,721 .

The Town of Dayton has no current debt.

DUE DATE: July 6, 2020, 4:30 PM


SUBMIT QUESTIONS TO:  Angela A. Lawrence, Town Manager, 125 B Eastview Street, Dayton, Virginia 22821

Email: alawrence@daytonva.us or by phone: (540) 879-2241


SUBMIT SEALED RESPONSES TO: Angela A. Lawrence, Town Manager, 125 B Eastview Street, Dayton, VA 22821

RE: Water Treatment Plant Improvement Project RFP #21-01


PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS: The requirements of this RFP shall be supplied in writing in order for the Town to consider the proposal complete. Submission of a proposal shall constitute agreement to include the provisions contained in this RFP which are required by federal, state, or Town statute, law, code, regulation, ordinance, or standards, including, but not limited to, the Town of Dayton Regulations, and/or in the Offerors proposal in any contract negotiated between the parties. After the qualified Offerors are ranked for negotiations, Offerors shall be required to clearly and specifically indicate any other exception or clarification to the applicable objective or specification.


SCOPE OF WORK:  By submitting a proposal, the Offeror also agrees that it is satisfied from its own investigation of the conditions and requirements to be met, it fully understands its obligation, and it shall not make any claim for or have the right to cancellation of or relief from the Contract because of any misunderstanding or lack of information. The Contractor’s review and acceptance of the provisions herein shall be required as a condition of bid or proposal acceptance. Failure to accept these terms shall disqualify the Bidder or Offeror from further consideration. The Town will consider amendments proposed by Offerors. Proposed amendments shall be prominently highlighted and submitted as part of the Offeror’s proposal. The Town’s review and acceptance of the Offeror’s proposed amended terms shall be a condition of contract award. Offerors are reminded that the proposal will form the basis of the contract negotiations phase between the Town and the selected Contractor. Accordingly, the proposal shall be written in a concise, forthright manner, and respond in the manner described in the RFP. The Town reserves the right to incorporate all statements and claims made in the Offeror’s proposal (to include any attachments) in the final contract.


COPIES SUBMITTED: The Town shall consider for award a Prospective Contractor that submitted a sealed response that was properly received prior to the due date and time. Offerors shall submit two (2) hard copies of the proposal no later than the date and time listed on the front page of the Solicitation, unless otherwise changed by written amendment. Offerors shall include the RFP Submission Form with the proposal submission. Such documents are to be packaged with the proposal together and clearly labeled with the project and RFP number. Offerors shall deliver the sealed package to the address listed on the front page of the Solicitation.


PROPOSAL FORMAT INSTRUCTIONS: The Town will follow the evaluation process and selection criteria described in this RFP. In order to enhance this process and provide each Prospective Contractor an equal opportunity for consideration, adherence to a standardized proposal format is required except as noted in this Solicitation. The format of each proposal shall contain the following elements:


Technical Proposal:

  1. Cost Effectiveness of the Proposed Loan
    • Lowest interest rate: Fixed vs Floating
    • Value of any cap or floor
  2. Terms and Conditions of the Proposed Loan
    • No early termination fee.
    • No Most Favored Lender covenant.
    • No Most Favored Pricing provision.
    • Increased cost provision applies only in instances where the increased cost is a result of new regulations and shall not apply to instances of reinterpretation of existing laws or regulations.
    • No maximum interest rate clawback.
    • Governed by Virginia law.
    • No setoff rights.
  3. Provider’s Credit Worthiness
  4. Provider’s Ability to Act in a Timely Manner
    • Draw requests satisfied within 24 hours.
    • Monthly invoicing.
    • Immediate posting of payments.
    • Error resolution within 72 hours, unless an extension is agreed upon.
  5. References
    • List or describe representative clients currently served, both nationally and by the local office, focusing on clients similar in size and complexity to Town of Dayton.
    • Provide the current name, address, and telephone number of at least three (3) specific references (preferably local government) the company has served either currently or in the past two years; preferably those where one or more of the project team members provided the same or similar services as requested herein.

Cost Proposal:
This element of the Offeror’s proposal shall contain the total cost of the proposed services. Identify the costs to perform the services using the following format:

  • The Offeror shall itemize the cost of proposed services.
  • The Offeror shall explain and provide details of any conditions that might increase or reduce the cost of the proposed services.
  • The detailed basis for the proposed cost of these services, such as an hourly fee per employee or a monthly fee per employee, shall likewise be provided. Costs shall include all items, including but not limited to, professional time, travel, data processing, forms, printing, or any other expenses included in the proposed cost. Best and final negotiated prices submitted shall be valid for a period of at least 120 calendar days from the original due date of this RFP until such time a contract is signed, unless extended in writing.


Once an Offeror is tentatively selected based on the “Evaluation Criteria,” the Town reserves the right to negotiate further with the selected Offeror. As a result of this contract negotiation, the Town may propose a contract which amends the scope of the RFP or the Offeror’s proposal prior to signing the contract. The Contract, this RFP, including amendments issued prior to the response due date and time, and the Offeror’s proposal submission in response thereto shall constitute the whole agreement between the parties, unless specifically stated otherwise. If a satisfactory contract cannot be negotiated with the highest ranked Offeror, negotiations will be formally terminated with that Offeror. Negotiations shall then be undertaken with the second most qualified Offeror and so on. The Selection Committee will make appropriate recommendations to the Approving Authority prior to award of the contract.


At the conclusion of negotiations, the Town will ask the Offeror(s) to submit a written Best and Final Offer (BAFO). When the Town receives the BAFO, it will conclude negotiations with the Offeror(s). The Town will re-score the Offeror’s proposal to combine and include the information contained in the BAFO. The Town will base the decision to award on the final evaluation including, but not limited to, the BAFO.


Award of the contract to the selected firm is contingent upon the budget and appropriation of funds by the Town Council and the successful negotiation of contractual terms agreeable to both parties. Failure to achieve either of the above will result in no award.




IMPORTANT NOTICE: This RFP/Bid Opportunity will be revised, re-advertised and posted in mid-late April.  Please continue to check this page regularly for updates.  Thank you for your interest in the Town of Dayton.

Sealed bids for approximately 890 lineal feet of stormwater piping and appurtences, referred to as Mill Street Drainage Improvements, will be received at the Town of Dayton, 125B Eastview Street, Dayton Virginia.

Withdrawal of bids shall be according to procedure (i) of Section 11-54A of the Code of Virginia. Contract is to be awarded on a fixed price basis.

CONTRACT DOCUMENTS, including Instructions for Bidders, Plans, and Specifications, may be examined at the following locations:

Town of Dayton                    Brunk & Hylton Engineering, Inc.

125B Eastview Street           P.O. Box 7/ 3263 Lee Highway

Dayton, VA 22821                 Weyers Cave, VA 24486

540 879-2241                         540 234-9112

Copies of the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be obtained at the Office of Brunk & Hylton Engineering, Inc. upon deposit of $100.00 for each set. A maximum of two sets of documents may be obtained by General Contractors. Deposit checks must be received prior to the issuance of documents. Please provide company name and address (Street and Post Office Box), telephone number and fax number, if applicable. Bidders requesting overnight delivery of documents will be required to pay overnight delivery costs (COD). Those electing not to submit a proposal will forfeit their deposit. Those submitting prime bids will have their deposit refunded, providing documents are returned in usable condition within ten (10) days after bid date. Failure to comply with the above conditions, or returning drawings or specifications unbound or rebound out of order, will result in forfeiture of deposit. Other subcontractors and material suppliers may obtain documents upon payment of $50.00 per set, plus overnight delivery charges as outlined above, not refundable. All documents remain the property of the Engineer. NO PARTIAL SETS OF DOCUMENTS WILL BE ISSUED.

Copies are also available on the ftp web site for Brunk & Hylton Engineering. To access: 1) open Microsoft Internet Explorer, 2) go to ftp://b-heng.com, 3) enter ‘client’ as user name, 4) enter ‘download’ as password, 5) select ‘login’, 6) right click on the file to download, 7) left click on Save Target As and choose the location to save the file(s). If you choose to access the plans on the website please notify Brunk & Hylton Engineering to be added to the contact list for possible future notices.

BIDS must be accompanied by a bid guarantee as specified in the Instructions for Bidders.

Qualifications of Bidders will be required as detailed in the Instructions to Bidders. Details include: Contracts on hand (amount of each contract and anticipated dates of completion), major equipment available for this contract, experience in construction similar to this project, credit available, and default on previous contracts or failure to complete any work awarded.

Bidders must be licensed as a contractor in the State of Virginia and the bidder’s attention is directed to Chapter 7, Title 54, and Code of Virginia as amended.

Bidders and Contractors performing work under this advertisement are bound by state requirements, including Equal Employment Opportunity and Department of Labor requirements, and Americans with Disabilities Act.

                                                                                                                      By: Angela Lawrence, Town Superintendent