From the Mayor’s Desk

From the Mayor’s Desk…

As we fight through this challenging chapter, I wanted to pass along a few thoughts to the people in our Town and surrounding areas. First of all, I am so proud but not at all surprised at the kind words, love and support that is being shown to the Fletchall and Collier families.  They were not only friends but very important valued and dedicated members of our council and community. What makes my heart hurt is that they have beautiful families that will miss them every single day.  The Council and Staff are discussing plans to appropriately honor Todd and Zack once we resume in-person meetings.

I want to also take a moment to thank the citizens of Dayton for being responsible and caring while dealing with the restrictions due to the Coronavirus. I see people in the evenings taking walks and respecting social distancing on the sidewalks. I have seen people supporting our local restaurants. I have seen creative masks, neighbors checking in on neighbors, all done with a heavy dose of genuine kindness. On behalf of “Team Dayton”, we will continue to monitor and follow guidelines while we make the best decisions possible with regards to the health and safety of everyone.

And finally, I cannot say thank you enough to all the health care providers, business owners, police & emergency personnel, and all the essential workers who continue to go to work every day. We have heroes all around us so please be sure to thank them as often as you can. Try your best to get your updates and information from reliable sources.  The discipline you show now will help determine when we get back to normal…A new normal where we are better, smarter, and stronger. Please be safe and stay home if you can but if you must go out, continue to practice social distancing, be cautious and please wear a mask. Let’s take care of us!

~Mayor Sam Lee