From the Dayton Town Council to concerned citizens of Dayton and Rockingham County

June 11, 2018

To the concerned citizens of Dayton and Rockingham County;

On June 5 the Dayton Town Council met and made the difficult decision to demote Lieutenant Danny Hanlon from the position of Chief of Police for the Dayton Police Department.  Since this was a part of an ongoing investigative process, we had hoped, for the town and for Lt. Hanlon’s sake, to do our work without having to go to the press.

We understand this decision comes as a shock to many in our community as Lt. Hanlon has served the Town for 17 years.  The decision of Council was neither sudden nor taken without serious consideration of all consequences, rather it is the result of a personnel study and ongoing investigation. We spent almost eight hours over two different closed sessions looking at the evidence. These sessions included interviews with Lt. Hanlon and every member of Council was invited to ask any question and fully speak their minds. Only after this process was fully complete was a vote taken in open session.

This council continues to be very supportive of the Dayton Police Department, having progressively increased the department budget year by year and just last year authorized the department to hire additional officers to provide full 24/7 police coverage for the town.

This step is a part of an ongoing process of investigation that is intended to make the government of the town of Dayton as transparent as possible to our citizens and to secure the highest quality of services we can possibly provide for your hard earned tax dollars.  In the interim, the Town of Bridgewater has agreed to help with logistics and scheduling to maintain 24/7 coverage should the Town of Dayton need it.

The Dayton Town Council