February 5, 2018

IMAGINE DAYTON is seeking an artist to do 7 paintings that we will enlarge to create 7 murals on the east side of a commercial structure at 90 Main Street (most recently Doug’s Discount store) in Dayton.

  • As part of your proposal, be sure to specify what you would charge us for the paintings. Along with using them for the murals, the paintings would become the property of the Town of Dayton.
  • Each of the 7 paintings should be vertical. A recommended size for each painting is 12” wide x 24” high, but other sizes will be considered. We will enlarge each painting to 4 ft wide x 8 ft high.
  • You should propose a theme for the paintings or suggest coordination in some other way, such as color. Sketches of your ideas are encouraged.
  • Tell us what media you would use to create the paintings.
  • Tell us your time frame from start to completion of the paintings.
  • Your proposed art should have wide public appeal. Preference may be given to a series of paintings that is specifically relevant to Dayton.
  • Sending photos of past artwork would be helpful.

How to submit:

  • Mark your submission “Dayton Mural Project” and deliver it to the town office at 125b Eastview St., Dayton by February 28, 2018 or email it to
  • A selection will be made by March 31, 2018. The winner will be contacted, and their name will be posted on the town’s web site.
  • You are welcome to make more than one submission.

If you have further questions, please email Imagine Dayton:

Click here to download the requirements and further instruction.

Town of Dayton-Mural Project-Dimension instruction