Where do Town of Dayton residents vote?

Elections for Council Members are held every two years. Term of office for the Mayor is two years, and four years for Council Members. Elections for Mayor and Council are held on Election Day, the first Tuesday in November (see Rockingham County Voter Registrar for additional information). The voting precinct for Town of Dayton residents is located in the Council Chambers of the Dayton Municipal Building (enter from Parking Lot off of Eastview Street) for all elections.

What are the payment and deposits for utility charges?

Payment and Deposits for Utility Charges

Water, sewer and trash bills are to be paid at the Treasurer’s Office in the Municipal Building, or checks may be mailed.  Credit/Debit card payments are also now accepted online.   A payment drop box is located near the drive-through window on the north side of the building for your convenience. Please make checks payable to: Town of Dayton, 125-B Eastview St., Dayton, VA 22821. A deposit of $75.00 is required for customers renting an apartment or house. The deposit is to be paid before water and sewer service is connected and will be refunded upon termination of service and full payment of the account. No deposit is required for customers owning or buying a home. The treasurer should be notified as soon as possible in case of water and sewer connection or disconnection. Water meters are read around the 20th day of each month. You should receive your water, sewer and trash bill within the first week of each month. All bills are to be paid on or before the 20th day following the billing date (if the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday observed by the town, you will have through the next business day). If the Treasurer does not receive payment within 20 days of the billing date, a penalty shall be added to the bill equal to $10 or 10% of the amount of the bill, whichever is greater. If either the bill or penalty shall remain unpaid on the 50th day after the bill was issued, notices will be sent informing that water service will be disconnected in 30 days. Service shall be reinstated upon full payment of the current balance plus a $25.00 reconnection fee. Click here to view our current Water, Sewer and Trash Rate Schedule. Water meters are not to be turned on or off except by authority of the Town Manager.

What are the regulations about Trash Collection?

Trash Collection

Schedule for Collection:

Household trash is collected on Friday of each week. All garden and lawn waste will be collected on Monday of each week, and must be placed in paper bio-degradable bags or tied in bundles not exceeding four feet in length and 50 pounds.

Placement of Containers:

Trash  containers are provided by the town’s refuse contractor, and are to be placed at the property line by the street or alley where they can be easily collected. Containers shall not be placed in the street or on the sidewalk in a manner whereby they will interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic.  Note:  Trash containers are owned by the refuse contractor and must remain with the property if vacating the premises.

Time of Placement:

All refuse must be placed out for collection by 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection, and no earlier than 5:00 p.m. on the afternoon preceding the collection day. Containers must be removed to the side or rear of the structure no later than 8:00 a.m. of the day following collection.


The fee for the collection of refuse is $18.00 per month for residential and for businesses. An additional fee is charged for all tires collected. Small tires–off rim are $2.00 each, large tires–off rim are $3.00 each, and tires on rim are $5.00 each. Charges for tires will be added to the water bill. Tires will be picked up on Heavy Trash Day (first Tuesday of each month).

Type of Refuse Collected:

The town will collect all garbage, rubbish and acceptable categories of refuse provided that the town manager shall have the right to determine what refuse is acceptable depending upon its quantity and type.

Refuse NOT Acceptable for Disposal:

  • Dangerous materials or substance such as poisons, acids, caustics, infected materials, explosives, hot ashes or materials burning.
  • Materials resulting from construction or demolition of buildings and structures or from the clearance of vacant or improved property in preparation for construction or occupancy. The town superintendent shall have the right to accept this refuse upon negotiating a fee for collection.
  • All large and bulky materials, such as motor vehicles or parts of motor vehicles, tree trunks and stumps that may require special preparation and processing for disposal.
  • Any materials, which create an unusually bad odor such as manure or rotten and unhatched eggs.
  • Bodies of dead animals
What is the Vehicle License Tax in Dayton?

Vehicle License Tax

The Town of Dayton imposes a vehicle license tax upon every person owning a motor vehicle, trailer and semi-trailer regularly garaged, stored, or parked in the Town of Dayton, and used on the streets and highway of this town as of January 1 of the license year.  The license year shall commence on January 1 and shall expire on December 31.  The Town Vehicle License Tax is due on December 5th of the license year. The fee may be paid at the Town Treasurer’s Office.  Penalty for any payments received after December 5 is $10. The Town of Dayton will utilize the DMV VRW Program to enforce non-payment of the vehicle license tax. This program allows the Town to notify the DMV of any residents that have not paid the vehicle license tax. Once notified, the program will not allow a resident to conduct business with the DMV until payment is received by the Town of Dayton for the vehicle license.

What are the regulations about Recycling Collection?

Recycling Collection:

Recyclables are not collected in Dayton.  Please visit Rockingham County’s website for more information about recycling at https://www.rockinghamcountyva.gov/451/Landfill 

Trash Collection:

Regulations Concerning Containers: Trash containers are provided by Waste Management.  These containers are the property of the contractor and must remain at the residence if the occupant moves out; otherwise, a fee will be imposed to cover the cost of replacing the container.  If additional trash or recycling containers are needed, please call the Dayton Town Office at 540-879-2241. All trash set out for collection in the town must be placed in the trash containers provided by the town’s contractors. Town shall have the right to decline to collect any material set out for regular collection. No liquids shall be placed in the receptacle for collection. Hot ashes shall not be placed in any combustible container, or any container, which also contains combustible materials.

Yard Waste Collection:

Weeds, brush or trimmings will be collected only if tied in bundles not exceeding five feet in length and reasonable size to allow convenient handling.

Heavy Trash Collection:

The first Tuesday of each month has been set aside for collection of appliances, furniture or materials in containers, which exceed the 50-pound limit. There is no additional charge for heavy trash collection other than for tires (see Fees).

What is the Real Estate Tax in Dayton?

Real Estate Taxes

The rate of tax on real estate in the Town of Dayton is $0.08 per $100.00 assessed value. Tax tickets are mailed out twice a year during the months of May and November and are due upon receipt of the bill. A 5% penalty is added after June 5th and December 5th. Tax payments can be made at the Treasurer’s Office or by mail.

What is the Cross-Connection Control Program?
I want to have a bonfire in my backyard. Are there any regulations about open fires? (Burn Permit)

Open Fires

Dayton Town Code, Title 1-General Criminal Code, Chapter 2-Fire Prevention, Section 1-61 Open Fires, states that no open fires shall be kindled within 50 feet of any building; nor shall any open fire be left attended. In addition, Rockingham County Department of Fire and Rescue requires a Burn Permit for all open-air burning.  Permits and requirements on open burning may be obtained by calling their office at (540) 564-8297.  A brochure on open burning regulations can be found on Rockingham County’s website and is available on the Town of Dayton’s website under “downloads.”

Are there any ordinances that I must follow with my dog?

Dog Ordinance

It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog to allow the same to go upon the private property of another person or to run at large upon the streets of the town. Any person found guilty of violating this ordinance shall be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor, and a fine of not more than $500 shall be imposed.

Is it mandatory that I clear my own property if it snows?

Snow Removal

Town Ordinance 2-64 requires that all persons occupying, owning or having charge of any property within the town shall be required to remove the snow from the entire sidewalk in front of such property, within six daylight hours after the snow has ceased to fall. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in a fine of $5.00 for each offense, and the town superintendent may have the snow cleaned off at the expense of the owner or tenant.

What churches are located in this area?


  • Christ Gospel Church: 290 Eastview Street
  • Dayton Church of the Brethren: 202 Main Street
  • Dayton Mennonite Church: 4887 John Wayland Highway
  • Dayton United Methodist Church: 215 Ashby Street
  • Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church: 229 Main Street
  • Valley Friends Meeting: 363 High Street
Where is the nearest park?


The Town of Dayton provides three parks for the community:

Dove Park Pavilion:  360 College Street

Cooks Creek Park: 230 Bowman Road

Sunset Park: 145 Sunset Drive

Shelters may be reserved at Sunset Park or Cooks Creek Park for a fee of $10.00 (no fee for non-profit organizations). For reservations at Dove Park, please contact the Town Hall. Reservations may be made by calling the Municipal Building at 879-2241.

Rockingham County Department of Parks and Recreation sponsors various recreational activities for all ages. For information, visit their website or call 564-3160.

Where can I find the nearest library in this area?


The main branch of the Massanutten Regional Library is located in Harrisonburg at 174 South Main St. For information, call 434-4475 or visit their website at www.mrlib.org.

The North River Library (a branch of the Massanutten Regional Library) is located at 118 Mt. Crawford Ave. in Bridgewater. For information, call 828-4492 or visit the main branch’s website listed above.